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Whitaker are proud to announce the launch of the VX2 Whitaker Helmet. Based on our bestselling Victory Helmet, the VX2 features updated safety VG1 01.040 2014-12.


The ever popular Dial-to-Fit system returns in the VX2 helmet. This means a better fitting helmet, that will not slacken over time.


There are three vents to the front of the helmet, ensuring a steady ventilation across the head. The lining of the VX2 has been treated with Coolmax, which wicks moisture away from the head, and can easily be removed and machine washed.


The Victory Helmet was unrivalled in its lightweight shell, and the VX2 is no different. This new helmet still ensures all the safety measures needed to achieve the VG1 standard is achieved, whilst still weighing in at only 444g.


This helmet meets the standards required for for British Showjumping, British Riding Clubs, British Eventing and many other disciplines.


Sizes are as follows: -

Small: 50 – 54cm

Medium: 55 – 57cm

Large: 58 – 62cm


Whitaker VX2 Helmet in Black


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