This comfortable head collar features an adjustable sizing buckle on both sides of the headpiece and is adjustable at the noseband.


Details include stainless steel metal fittings and a rubber logo label on the cheek strap.


This head collar has paddings under the noseband and cheek straps. The padding under the headpieces is anatomically shaped and is detachable. The paddings are made from a new and special lining.


The new Cooltech fabric is a multi-layered Thermocool fabric engineered with moisture management technology. This fabric has been specially treated and has a cooling effect. Plus, the inner layer of the fabric is moisture-wicking which optimises the evaporative process, absorbs excess heat and reduces the temperature of the skin, keeping your horse cool and dry for longer.


This fabric prevents all kinds of microbial growth, resulting in a fresh feeling.

HV Polo Cooltech Headcollar