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If you showjump, is your whip legal?

Earlier this year, British Showjumping changed the rules surrounding the whips that can be used at British Showjumping competitions. Should you compete with a whip that does not meet the criteria, you could be eliminated.

The introduction of these rules came as a bit of a surprise to the retail market and for a period, they were difficult to find. Now, there is a wide selection available but some don't need the required standards.

Equine Emporium co-founder, Adam Cromarty is a British Showjumping and FEI Judge. He has made sure that the jumping bats we sell do comply to the rules. We have also made this handy video guide as a part of our new Product in Focus series, which will bring you honest reviews and news about the latest products.

View our range of whips and spurs here:

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